What Colour Would Best Suit My Shed?

A wooden garden shed is an excellent addition to any household. It is one of the best ways to make sure your backyard is tidied up and organised well enough to make sure there’s ample interior storage. But, have you considered your shed’s exterior? Taking the outside of your shed is just as important as it will help extend your shed’s lifespan and protect it from the elements.

First, get a shed builder to install your preferred shed, then get a painter, unless the shed company offers painting services, which is a great alternative. The vast array of colours available makes choosing the perfect colour confusing, so hiring a professional who understands paints and applying the different coats can go a long way for you.

The great thing about having an expert complete the shed painting project is that they can get the job in a shorter period than if you did it yourself. But which colour should you choose?

Shy And Modest

We’re not all into bold and standout colours and styles. You may be one of the homeowners who prefer having a modest shed that fades into the background. Colours to consider when having your builder install your shed and then paint it include a light, paler shade of blue, or dark green that’ll blend with your gardening.

It is essential to take note of your scenery before your builder installs your shed. This will give you some inspiration into the style and paint colour that’ll suit your home, and yard.

Go Big And Bold

On the other hand, you could be a homeowner who prefers more prominent, bolder, standout colours. As tempting as it is, you need to think about your garden’s overall look before choosing a bold shade of paint. A bright colour is ideal if your shed is the focal point in your backyard.

Think about speaking to your builder about having a whitewashed gate and fence to enhance your white shed. Should you ever consider turning your shed into an outdoor bar or relaxing area, brighter colours like red are ideal.

The colours, themes and overall look and feel of your garden and backyard are what count. Make sure you speak to your shed builder about your shed’s design and possible paint colours to go with it. That way, you’ll be making an informed decision.

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How Your Garage Can Add Value To Your Property

Many property owners look for various ways to add value to their homes, commercial and industrial properties, and this usually involves costly renovations or liveable extensions. However, double garage installations have a greater impact on the value of your home than you’d expect. Garages, especially double door garages come with additional space vital for more than just parking your car – they can be turned into livable areas and storage units for multiple uses.

Let’s look at some for the ways that double garage renovation or installation can increase the value of your property:

Bringing A Higher ROI

Everyone wants to reap from their investment, right? Investing in a garage or a double door garage is a worthwhile investment. Experts have suggested that property owners can expect an average of 65% of the investment back just by having double door garages. This isn’t only for owners looking to resell, but those who aren’t in a rush to sell right away. This group of people can reap the benefits of their garage themselves. Did you know that homes without a garage have appraised at A$6,500-A$13,000 less than those with one?

Additional Storage Space 

Existing garages can be renovated or extended to fit a second one. But why would anyone want that? Well, the idea is to help you with your resale value. With an additional garage, you can make use of your available space by creating more storage areas, such as in your shed! You can add shelves on the walls, and hooks to hang shovels, tools, bicycles and other material that need tidying. An additional garage is a great workstation; you can add a foldable workbench and drawers of dangerous items, which can also open up your floors and wasted space for other activities.

Double Garages Change The Use Of The Space

You may not need to use your garage to park your car, or maybe you just don’t have much to store. In this case, you can repurpose your garage into a livable space. Create the man cave you’ve always dreamed off, or a book club area for you and your friends, or even a laundry room. However, make sure that the repurposed garages are done correctly. Hire a plumber and electrician who will be able to professionally establish, install or repair any work needed in that area. Also, make sure that you have planning permission from your local council.

If you’re considering installing a double door garage or a renovation on your existing garage door, or maybe it needs replacing, contact us to discuss your garage door needs. We’re experts at a range of garage services.

Keeping Your South Coast Shed In Tip Top Shape

The extreme weather conditions and coastal air play a role in the need for you to regularly maintain your South Coast shed in order to keep it in tip-top shape. Regular maintenance will keep your shed looking neat and appealing, as well as extend the lifespan of your shed.

Some tips for keeping your shed in tip-top shape include:

Paint And Seal All Timber

If for any reason, you have a timber shed that has not been sealed or painted, you definitely need to have it properly primed and painted to protect the timber from rot and decay. Any damp conditions could result in your timber rotting and eventually crumbling, so this is a very important aspect of your overall shed maintenance.

Keeping Unwanted Animals Out

As the South Coast is home to so many critters, your South Coast shed could easily become infested with several pests if you don’t take the necessary measures to keep animals out. You’ll want to avoid leaving food around, seal up any holes or cracks that could be allowing animals in, and lay traps if need be.


Good insulation will ensure your shed is cool in summer and warm in the winter. Good insulation will also add to the longevity of your shed, so this is something you may want to invest in if you haven’t already done so.


If you have a fairly large shed, you should definitely have a ventilation system. The most efficient way is to have runners installed under your flooring. This will allow for air circulation. Be sure to check your runners regularly to ensure that they are in optimal working condition.


The South Coast definitely experiences its fair share of rain, so your shed should be adequately waterproofed! The first thing to do is search for cracks and seal them properly with waterproofing paint or epoxy. Remember to check walls, the roof and windows.


Regular cleaning plays a very important role in your South Coast shed maintenance. Keep your shed neat and tidy as you would your workplace or home, and you’ll enjoy it for generations to come.

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Top Reasons We Should All Park Our Cars Inside Of Garages – Jarvis Bay

Many people around the world have started using their garages for various alternative purposes as opposed to what they were initially designed for. We have seen a growing trend in more and more garages being transformed into home workshops, home gyms or used as extra storage space. This may seem like a smart idea at the time; however, the benefits of parking your car in a garage far outweigh the convenience.

We are here to shed light on at least three significant reasons why we should park our cars in garages – even in a safe area like Jarvis Bay.

  1. Theft Isn’t The Only Reason You Should Lock Your Car In The Garage

Cars need to be protected from a lot more than just theft, unfortunately. The weather and nature’s elements can take a significant toll on your car’s longevity. Not only aesthetically, but mechanically too.

While it will take a while for any mechanical issues to occur, you will probably start noticing the effects of snow, rain and sunshine on your car’s exterior in a few months. More often than not, these aesthetic issues can border on the more expensive side of things when it comes to repair costs.

  1. It Could Lower Your Insurance Premium

Yes, you read that right. Due to the extra protection against theft and vandalism, many insurance companies offer lower monthly premiums to their customers if they happen to keep their cars in garages. If this isn’t reason enough to build that garage, we don’t know what is!

  1. Your Car Is Happier When It’s Warmer

Garages keep your car warmer, especially during those chillier, winter nights and it turns out that this benefits your vehicle immensely. The warmer your car is when it is disengaged, the more stable the condition of the oil and fuel in the engine. This leads to cars kept in single garages, running better than those that are kept outside. Keeping your vehicle protected from the cold also means that your heater/AC will start working quicker, which is plainly and simply put, great!

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Building A Shed And A Headquarters

Believe it or not, a book has already been written about this phenomenon. Alex Johnson is a journalist and the brains behind the book: Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution.

By as far back as 2012 there was an expected 80,000 shedpreneurs (just made this word up) in the UK. Johnson researched turnover and come out at an average of turnover of USD100,000.00. Pretty hard-working shed that. We hope it’s fitted out with all the mod cons.

The Hi-Tech Shed – DigiShed?

(Yes, we are pushing the new words today). Working from a shed was around as soon as the first shed was built in the time of Mammoths. What has revolutionized it and changed the colour of the collar working in it is digitization and technology development. Wi-Fi, fibre, webcams, We-Transfer, printing and saving to the cloud, Skype meetings, decentralization, sub-contracting, collaboration – a myriad hipster terms piling up there. Sure there are still creatives but there are managing directors, stock traders, jewellery manufacturers and pole dancing teachers. Retail stores are online now so the buying and management department can be in a shed instead of an expensive rental in the city with the cost of transport and city parking.

Some of the sheds also look more sophisticated than your usual cottagey setup. Sleek, contemporary lines, floating shelves, monochrome colour palettes, designer furniture and an espresso maker of course. As the shed is small, less items are needed so those really nice pieces you have always wanted can be selected. Your perfect piece of interior heaven, whether your interior heaven is beer crate seats and the world’s fastest X-Box or a Patricia Urquiola chair.

Why A Shed And Not A Room Extension?

The benefits are significant. Most importantly, the psychological benefits are huge as it impacts on productivity and wellness. To step away from your home preserves the home as your safe place, your relaxing place. It also makes it more difficult for others to disturb you. The sound quality for online meetings will be better than a scantily decorated brick and mortar room. The décor will (should) say more office than spare bedroom. Having a shed in your yard is a benefit to your resale value and is substantially more cost-effective than renovating the main home with an additional room.

So if you’re ready to launch your new headquarters in an industrial shed in Nowra or its surrounds contact us today and we will design a solution for you that will make you a happy property owner. We recommend you plan a shed warming party as well as you will have funds left over to host it with ease.